Your guess is correct! I am Becky Baker, I attend Degrassi! I just got here, though. I am new from the sunshine state, Florida!


What’s your name? You ever attend Degrassi ? Graduated Degrassian?

Oh, I’ve been there. You’re a long way from home, what brings you all the way to Toronto?

Anya MacPherson, I graduated from there last year :)



Oh why, hello! I don’t believe we have met! I am Becky Baker!


I don’t think so either, but hello :)

I’m Anya, I’m guessing you go to Degrassi?

Looking for partners!

New(ish) Anya floater, looking for partners for a multi-universe rp. I ship with Owen and Eli most, but I’m willing to consider other ships.

Open to smut, trigger, mature/dark themes, etc, and super open on plots, so shoot me a message if you’re interested (:

Not amused!

Cheese, noodles, white starches, flour, carbs…

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Oh God…

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